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Breadbin is a user friendly content management system that houses thousands of CAPS aligned videos, worksheets, exam papers and much more.

This content is available to your teachers, learners and parents anytime, anywhere. Teachers can also upload their own content and share it instantly with their learners and parents.

Got devices ( or thinking of getting some ) at your school? With Breadbin you can easily get content onto those devices giving them a huge amount of value at your school.

The Breadbin system is incredibly easy to use.


Knowledge is power. Use it.

Breadbin started its life as the Freedom Toaster within the Shuttleworth Foundation, which was a landmark project, successfully delivering open content in bandwidth constrained environments. This three year, international project successfully modelled the delivery of open source software and content from a consolidated off-line kiosk. Freedom Toaster was a name adopted from the platforms user group; FREEDOM as a human right for access to tools and knowledge that can improves a persons life and TOASTER is a term used by the Linux (Open Source Software) community when copying a cd.

Out of this incredible heritage and success Breadbin was formed to spread the word and provide solutions orientated to provide accessibility to open resources resources called OER's or Open Educational Resources. Breadbin's innovative content management system sits at the heart it's solutions which enable the delivery of open content into the hands of those needing access to tools and content, which can enhance learning through access. Over the years Breadbin has chosen to focus in two core areas of content which have the highest chance of effecting social change, in education and entrepreneurship.

Through a partnership with The COZA Cares Foundation, Breadbin's innovative Content Management System provides solutions of curated educational resource packs to the education sector to supporting learner and educators alike in accessing a quality assured repository of educational content. Ultimately we aim to improve access to improve education and business skills in South Africa and other emerging economies.

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This is what we've got for you.

Breadbin School Content Server

With tablet’s becoming so popular in the classroom it is important that schools have the means to manage the content that their learner’s have access to.

With the Breadbin Content PC schools have access to a high quality repository of CAPS aligned content. This content can be viewed or downloaded onto the learner’s devices namely tablets/laptops/smart phones. Teachers are also able to create and upload their own content, using the server to then easily distribute this content to their learners.

Breadbin Kiosk

The e-Learning kiosk is a computer dedicated to the hosting and delivery of a high quality repository of educational material in a digital format. You are able to search, look through and take away (download) these valuable books, videos and apps. You have complete control over the content on the kiosks. Any content that your organisation would like to make available is easily put onto the kiosk.

It is important to note that the content stored on the e-Learning kiosk constantly expands. Fresh, new, high quality content is constantly added onto the kiosk to ensure that the material that you are accessing stays relevant and provides you with the latest and greatest educational material.

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